Welcome to The RLP NRC 2019 Billboard Campaign
If you are interested in using Pattison Billboards to market yourself or alongside a business partner or builder in 2019 read and follow instructions below. Billboards are available in various locations across Niagara, Haldimand, Hamilton however popular locations get booked quickly
and change hourly. Our first campaign will be timed with spring market and then another campaign launched into the fall.

Before You Start
Red Icons on map are billboards (this campaign is for billboards only)
When you click on red pin, each billboard has a number, and each side an associated Letter (A,B,C,D), which you will see in each tab in the pop up.
Review PhotoSheet, StreetView, and record your billboard reference (Ex. SC04047B)
Visit This Link To Review Billboards: www.pattisonoutdoor.com/web-mapping/
Click On Launch Web Mapping App
Cost just under $1000 per billboard for each month + HST (includes design/setup/install). The cost will be reduced based on amount of billboards in campaign as this reduces design and setup fees.

Complete The Form Below Before February 1st and we will follow up shortly thereafter

RLP NRC Billboard Campaign Spring 2019